Setting Up My First Blog

I had great fun setting up my first ever blog. Some comments:

  • vs Self-hosting WordPress. I initially tried out because it was easy to set up and I wouldn’t have to worry about the cost of hosting. However, I soon ran into a significant limitation: you are not allowed to install WordPress plugins. It is true that I could remove this limitation by buying the Business plan ($25/month), but then at this price range I might as well pay for hosting the blog myself. So I installed WordPress on the web host I was using for my personal website ( The setup was a breeze, and I had 20 minutes later.
  • QuickLaTeX plugin is awesome. Why did I care so much about whether I can install plugins? Due to nature of this blog, I wanted top-quality presentation of mathematical formulas, and thus I needed a good way to embed LaTeX code in the posts. already has good support for inline formulas (see here), but unfortunately it lacked cross-references and did not allow embedding some “fancy” LaTeX packages I ended up needing (e.g. algorithmicx). But then I found the QuickLaTeX plugin and was blown away. I can use not only cross references and equation numbers but also use fancy LaTeX packages to typeset pseudocode. See it yourself:

Rendered by

  • Writing is not easy but fun. I thought I was pretty decent in writing. But as I wrote the first posts, I found myself re-writing sentences over and over again. First time, sentences would come out really awkward, then successively they’d get better and read more naturally. So writing is work. But it’s fun too: I get to organize what I learned. Somehow writing down my thought makes it clearer.

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